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Each piece of jewellery is a representation of light, from the ring, an aura of light and sunshine, to the contrarié rings that wrap the fingers in endless flashes of emotion.

The passion for nature that has always been the central inspiration behind Pasquale Bruni’s work is enlivened more than ever with energy that fosters a woman’s unconditional love for the universe.

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Made in Valenza

Pasquale Bruni

Our Designs are the expression of passion, love, constant experimentation, innovation, research of colour and material, to create a unique piece of jewellery.

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made in milan


Designed to the aura of the exciting and mysterious beauty that surrounds and enhances every woman.

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Atelier P

Atelier P is a well established Belgian company founded in 1865. Specialised in wedding & engagement rings.

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Made In Antwerp


A combination of Belgian craftsmanship, experience in luxury and pure design, ensure that the attention for perfection is a minimum necessity.

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Sustainable Materials

All our creations are made of unique and precious materials from all over the world. All orders come with a certificate.

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