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Feel The Light

In Nature there is always a miracle of light that meets our eyes, that moment is a Namaste of wonder between us and Creation.

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Luce Ring

Inspired by

Each piece of jewellery is a representation of light, from the ring, an aura of light and sunshine, to the contrarié rings that wrap the fingers in endless flashes of emotion.

The passion for nature that has always been the central inspiration behind Pasquale Bruni’s work is enlivened more than ever with an energy that fosters woman’s unconditional love for the universe.

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Made in Valenza

Pasquale Bruni

Our Designs are the expression of passion, love, constant experimentation, innovation, research of colour and material, to create a unique piece of jewellery.

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Made In Belgium


Use it to set your brand's tone and create a first impression with your customers. Vibrant imagery with a lot of background accent works well for a full-screen effect.

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made in milan


Designed to the aura of the exciting and mysterious beauty that surrounds and enhances every woman.

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Watch Boxes

A selection of watch boxes and storage solutions to keep your watch safe and secure in style, when not in use.

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Watch Winders

Our latest collection of handmade precision watch winders that focus on the health of your watch with patented innovation.

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Watch Rolls

luxurious travel watch rolls made with the finest leathers and over five generations of handmade tradition. Securely pack multiple timepieces in a protective carrying case and be prepared for any occasion thrown your way.

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Storage and Travel Cases for your Watches

Our WOLF products are ideal for travel or home/banks safekeeping. 

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